ma is the ambitious offspring of KRDB, a design/build firm based in Austin, Texas. We’re on a mission to make modern design accessible. We would love for everyone to have a nice, modern home, so we made ma homes affordable – half the price of other modern modular homes on the market.

What distinguishes ma from other modular homes? It is an all-inclusive high quality product, delivered to you at an affordable price. Zero-to-house in 180 days! Your home arrives at your site fully equipped with plumbing, electrical fixtures and appliances.

ma is great design — low cost, no fuss and built green. The ma modular system is a workable solution for most any site. Whether a first or second home, granny flat, home office or studio, ma brings you a well designed, truly affordable, versatile space.  ma homes are currently available in limited areas, so drop us a line to see if we have a manufacturing partner in your area.

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